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Extraordinary Moments is a videograpy and DVD authoring service...

From concept to conference or anything in between, EM will put the 'extra' into ordinary.

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Extraordinary Moments gives your business the advantage you want with a video production from edit to output for internet, commercial and DVD distribution.
· Business / Corporate: broadcast commercial productions
· Training Videos
· Documentary Movies

Extraordinary Moments takes those special occasions and turns them into a video record that will bring enjoyment to your family and friends for decades to come.
· Weddings
· Family Reunions
· Events: 1st day at school, graduations, other special occasions
· Video Tributes: for your parent(s) while they are still alive
· Video ‘Cards’: for your loved one(s) away from home serving our country

Extraordinary Moments makes to most memorable event out of what may otherwise be ordinary.

When you want to make that moment to be remembered in the best way that you can afford…let Extraordinary Moments make it possible.


This digital video photographer (videographer) "helps others see what is on your mind."

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